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Here you find our FAQ (frequently asked questions). Did we answer your question? If not, don't hesitate to write our support team. You can query their help at [email protected]

What is WordPay?

WordPay is a piece of software and payment provider, that in partnership with digital publishers, allows you to access and read articles that are normally hidden behind the newspaper paywall.


In no time in history has there been this much great journalism. We believe it is the foundational piece to an enlightened, democratic society. Sadly, much journalistic content sits behind paywalls. We have developed WordPay to make it open and accessible️, in a way that works for media publishers, and you.

How do I access articles with WordPay?

When you see our widget on an article that is behind the paywall. Click it. And follow the instructions. There are different ways to pay, some will have you reading instantly. Signing up with WordPay takes less than a minute.

Unfortunately, not all articles are accessible through WordPay. Our media partner decide how many and which articles they want to make accessible through WordPay.

How do I pay for articles with WordPay?

You can pay with ApplePay and GPay*. If you sign up as a user, you can pay through a pre-paid account linked to your credit card.

*In some locations Klarna is also provided as a payment option.

How do I get a WordPay account?

You can sign-up for an account here. It takes 1 minute, just follow the instructions.


You can sign-up for an account when you see the WordPay-widget on one of our media partners' pay-per-content.

Note. An account is not necessary for accessing and paying for articles, but it will make each piece of content significantly cheaper. By creating an account with WordPay, you will receive 5 free credits.

What is free credit?

Free credit = Free access to one piece of content, accessible only via WordPay. You receive the free credit as part of the sign-up process.

Do I have to download WordPay? / Is WordPay in the app store?

No, you do not have to download WordPay to use it. Therefore, WordPay cannot be found in the app store. The widget functions as a 1st-party cookie in your browser and keeps you logged in and easy to use (unless you tell it not to).

Does WordPay work on my other devices? / Does my account sync?

Yes. WordPay works on your phone, tablet, and on desktop browsers. To sync between devices, you will have to log in the first time to connect your WordPay account to the new device. Then you should be set.

Does WordPay share my reading history with third parties?

No, your data is safe with us. However, we do share anonymized data with our media partners. We do that to help our media partners analyze and understand the value of their content and how well it connects with readers. Personal identifiable information (PII) cannot be extracted from the anonymized dataset. We do not share any information with any third parties. For more, see our privacy policy.

What happens if I'm unhappy with my article purchase?

It sometimes happens that a piece of content wasn't exactly what you thought it was. We do our best to urge our media partners to be extra thorough with the headline, subhead, image, and lead in a pay-per-content story. If you feel severely mislead by a pay-per-content piece from one of our media partners, please fill out this form and we will review the case and decide on a refund.

Can I use WordPay in privacy/incognito browsing mode?

No. Our 1st-party cookies store a tiny bit of data that allows us to recognize you as a user when you visit the website of our partner media. When your browser is set in privacy/incognito mode, these cookies are deleted and therefore we cannot provide our service.

Can I set my WordPay account to automatically re-fill?

Not at this point, but soon enough!