How to set up and use WordPay
This page gives you guides on how to: setup your WordPay account, access your WordPay profile

Setting up your WordPay account

You can sign-up for an account here or you can sign-up for an account when you see the WordPay-widget on one of our media partners' pay-per-content.
The process only takes less than a minute:
You start by entering your phone number You then receive a code (OTP) that you must enter into the designated area. Once you entered the code, you have to create a password for your account. Your password should have at least 8 characters, big and small letters, one special character, and one number. Once you have created your password, you are signed up for WordPay. After you have entered your desired password you have created your account.
When you finish your signup, you will receive a specific amount of free articles that are going to be placed in your wallet.

Buying content with WordPay

To buy content for the first time on the publisher's website, you simply press 'Read article' and follow the guide above.
Once you have used the whole offer of free articles, and you want to keep paying-per-content, you need to finalize your profile in your dashboard. You can finalize your profile by going here and pressing 'Edit profile' where you will be asked to enter the following information:
Once you have entered your information and saved the changes, you are ready to fill up your account.

Filling up your account

To buy your desired content, you need to have enough money on your account. You can see your remaining balance on your overview. The balance will automatically fit your local currency.
To refill your balance, you need to press '+ Add money' in the top right corner. Once you have pressed it, you select how much money you want to fill in, enter your credit card information, accept our terms, and press 'Add money'.
Your balance will then update, and you are now ready to pay-per-content.
As long as you have enough remaining in your wallet, you can continue to pay-per-content directly on the article. You only need to revisit your dashboard when the balance in your wallet is insufficient to pay for the content.


You can also see your purchase history on the dashboard by going to 'invoices' under 'ACCOUNT'
or you can click here.
This is a great function because it enables you to see which media sites you really enjoy.

Running out of many trying to pay-per-content

If you try to pay for a piece of content on one of our online media partners, but you don't have enough money in your wallet, you will need to refill your wallet before buying any more content.
You can access your balance by either pressing 'Refill your wallet to keep reading' or 'Go to account'. Once you are there, you simply add more money as shown above.
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