This page describes our user terms we expect you to adhere to, and how we will act as a responsible payment and media technology company.

Terms for WordPay users

Valid from 26.03.2021


Welcome behind the stories and to the solution that gives you new ways to read and support your favorite media.

WordPay is a payment solution for piecemeal purchases or donations for digital journalistic content, which is offered by WordPay Solutions ApS (hereinafter referred to as WordPay).

On the website wordpay.io you can read about how the solution works, which media is associated with the solution, and which commercial partners enable the solution for their customers. WordPay can continuously change and/or adapt the functions of the solution.

This guide provides an overview of the terms and conditions that apply to you as a user of WordPay (or the "Solution", "Services" or "Web"). When you use the solution in conjunction with a media (or our “media partners”) that uses our technology.


WordPay is an online payment solution owned and operated by WordPay Solutions ApS, CVR nr. 40363823, based at Holmbladsgade 133, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark.

The Terms of Use apply to all user-facing services offered by WordPay through all of our media partners.

It is a condition for the use of WordPay’s services that you accept the Terms of Use. Otherwise, you will not be able to use WordPay's solution.

WordPay’s services may only be used by individuals who are 13 years of age or older.

If you accept our Terms and Use and use our solutions on behalf of a company, organization, or a public authority ('organization'), then you agree to have a power of attorney to act on its behalf and can bind it to our terms. Hereinafter, 'you' and 'yours' in our terms refer to you and your organization.

We record and use data about you to give you the best experience and to comply with the legal and security requirements set for us as a payment solution. Our privacy policy describes how we handle the information you provide to us when you use our solutions. By using our solutions, you agree to us collecting and using your information, including transferring your information to the United States, Ireland, and/or to countries where your data is stored and processed by WordPay and our affiliated service providers.

If you are a developer or make use of our Public API or widgets in connection with your own web pages or applications, then you agree to follow the same terms as well as our guidelines for developers.


WordPay uses its commercial partner, telecommunications companies, and mobile payment methods Apple Pay and Google Pay, to enable easy access to our solution for you as a user.

With your explicit consent, WordPay may, for the purpose of your use of our services, obtain payment information from your telephone company.

If you are created as a user of WordPay, you will receive a balance with credits. Credits are used to read piecemeal journalistic content by our media partners. The balance of your WordPay account increases when it is refueled and decreases when you add money.

You choose an auto-refill service with WordPay. The refilling agreement is managed by WordPay and refills will occur every time the balance falls below a minimum amount of 5 SEK.

You are at any time entitled to cancel the refill agreement without notice. Terminations and any changes to the refill agreement can be made via your profile page on dashboard.wordpay.io.

WordPay, our commercial or media partners may but are not obligated to, offer you a number of free credits when registering as a user and/or when creating an automatic refill agreement. Upon termination of your profile, it is not possible to get paid the free assigned credits in SEK or otherwise.

It is possible to use the WordPay solution without having a balance. This is done using ApplePay or Google Pay. As part of your acceptance of the WordPay terms and conditions, you also accept the terms of use of these payment solutions.

By purchasing access to piecemeal journalistic content, you agree to waive your right of revocation the moment you are shown the full journalistic content. If you believe our media partner has provided a deliberately misleading headline, heading, or introduction to the article that is not true to the content of the article/image series/video, you may submit an objection here. Thereafter we will make a concrete assessment of whether there is a basis for a refund of the credits applied to the article.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may change our prices at any time. We will give you reasonable notice of such a price change by posting the new prices through the solution and/or sending you an email.

Our media partners are free to decide how to price each piece of journalistic content. The number of SEK required to see access to the individual article/photo series/video is always presented prior to a potential purchase.

Creation of profile

To have a credit balance as part of WordPay's services, you must create a profile. Creating a profile requires you to enter your phone number or email and a password. The profile you create is for your own personal use. When you register in WordPay, you must confirm your mobile number with a sent activation code.

When creating a profile with WordPay, you must enter a personal password, which must be treated confidentially at all times. Never make your password available to others. With the personal password, you can access a user page where you can see your associated information, consumption, etc.

When creating a user with WordPay, your phone number is required. This information must be complete and accurate, WordPay and its commercial partner will make sure to keep these updated. Upon creation, you expressly give us permission, via automatic transfer or electronic banking network from your telecommunications company, to charge the relevant fees for our services.

You can revoke one or more of the consents you have given to WordPay at any time. This can e.g. be regarding marketing emails, push notifications, or the like. Revocation can be done on the Web, just as you can revoke consent by contacting support@wordpay.io. If you revoke one or more of your consents, you will still have access to your user profile on the Web, but certain features may not be useful.


WordPay meets at minimum the following security requirements at all times:

  • All data communicated back and forth between WordPay and your device is encrypted. It is therefore not possible for outsiders to access the content of the data flow between you, the journalistic content, and the solution.

  • WordPay employees will never access your specific transaction information without your consent. This can be e.g. if you need support.

  • Only a few authorized employees of WordPay have access to production data without consent for the purpose of ensuring data quality, optimizing the solution, and troubleshooting.

  • All employees in WordPay are background checked before hiring.

  • WordPay continuously backs up all data in the solution.

  • WordPay uses logging and registers, among other things, from which IP addresses your profile is accessed, just as we register any failed attempts to log in to your profile.

You are responsible for the confidentiality of your password. In case of misuse or suspicion of misuse of your password, you must notify WordPay immediately by contacting the above address or contact us at support@wordpay. If WordPay suspects misuse of your profile, we can always block your profile. In these situations, WordPay.io is not responsible to you or any third party.

WordPay recommends that you as a user maintain a high-security standard. You should:

  • Make sure your password is always secure enough. Including, the code should contain special characters.

  • Always make sure to log out when you have finished using WordPay if you have used a public computer.

  • Create a PIN for the App, and if possible, use an advanced login function, e.g. 'touch ID' (fingerprint recognition), or 'face ID' (face recognition)

  • You should never give others access to your code.

You may not do the following while accessing and using our solutions:

  • Access, modify, or use non-public areas of our solutions, WordPay's computer systems, or technical delivery systems from WordPay's service providers.

  • Investigate, scan, or test the vulnerability of any system or network, or breach or circumvent any security or authentication measures.

  • Access or search for access to the Solutions in a manner (automated or otherwise) that is beyond normal use through our public user interfaces provided by WordPay in accordance with applicable Terms and Conditions. Searching our solutions is allowed if done in accordance with the robot.txt file. All other searches or access to our solutions must be specifically agreed with WordPay.

  • Prepare any types of TCP/IP header packets or parts of the 'header' information in emails or messages, or in any other way use our solutions to send altered, falsified, or false identifiable source information.

  • Interrupt or attempt to disrupt access by any user, host, or network. This includes and without limitation sending a virus, congestion, spam, and similar abuses of the solutions. Moreover, to use any kind of scripts that disrupt or create unnecessary burdens on the solution

Communication with WordPay

WordPay can continuously inform you about important information, for example about changes to these conditions via the e-mail address you enter in connection with the creation of your profile, via messages in the App, or via push messages.

On the Web, you can select and deselect the types of voluntary inquiries you want to receive from WordPay. WordPay’s inquiries may be based on information about your consumption.

With your consent, WordPay can send newsletters to your email address.

WordPay sends information about new functionality and other material regarding WordPay to your e-mail address, and/or push messages to your phone, provided you have given your consent to this.

WordPay may request your experience using WordPay by contacting your email address, via push notifications, unless you have opted-out. We do this to continuously improve the user experience. To the extent that such inquiry substantially involves marketing, you will be asked for prior consent.

With your consent, WordPay on the Web may send you information about special offers that WordPay. Such offers may be based on information about your consumption.

Immaterial rights

WordPay has all rights to its services, the solution you as a user see on the web, WordPay's website, and all other material on WordPay's platforms. This includes, but is not limited to, the copyright, ownership, and trademark rights of WordPay.

As a user, you get a non-exclusive right to use WordPay’s services. WordPay may revoke this right of use at any time.


WordPay seeks to avoid errors, omissions, and malfunctions on the Web and App at all times, but this may occur. WordPay is happy to receive information about such matters and will at any time seek to remedy it as soon as convenient.

WordPay performs ongoing maintenance and updates of both the Web and the App. During maintenance, some or all of the features may become temporarily unavailable. For updates, one or more features may be removed from the WordPay's Service.

WordPay may notify users of any feature removal but is not obligated to do so.

WordPay is in no way liable to its users in the event of temporary errors, omissions, or malfunctions.

WordPay's solution is constantly evolving. Therefore, our solutions will change from time to time. We may choose to stop offering parts of our solutions, permanently or temporarily for some or all users. We have the right to limit the use of some or more users of our solutions without prior agreement. We may also remove or reject users from using our solutions, without any claim on your part.


If you disagree with the Terms of Use or for any other reason no longer wish to use WordPay, you may delete your profile at any time.

WordPay may at any time and without notice suspend or terminate your agreement to use WordPay’s service and possibly delete your user profile, e.g. in case of unacceptable user behavior, attempted misuse of other people's accounts, attempted access to other people's data, or other illegal or obscene behavior. If WordPay suspends or terminates your agreement to use WordPay, WordPay will contact you via Web, telephone, or the email address you provided when creating your profile at WordPay.io.

Upon deletion of your user profile, all data registered on your user profile in WordPay will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored. You cannot make any claims against WordPay if your account is deleted.

However, if you have outstanding credits in your user account that are not credits given as part of a marketing or promotional campaign of any kind by WordPay, its media or commercial partners, you as a user have the right to receive the monetary payment value of the remaining credits in your bank account. In the event of any closure of your account, WordPay will automatically arrange for any payment within a reasonable period of time.


WordPay can at no time be held responsible for your use of the solution, including the journalistic and content information you are exposed to through the use of the solution, which is at all times at your own risk and risk.

In cases where WordPay allows users to receive special offers from its media partners or commercial partners, WordPay cannot be held responsible for any agreements entered into by the user with third parties. This is solely a relationship between the user and such a third party.

WordPay enters into agreements with its media partners to use WordPay's solution. WordPay is not responsible for the resignation of any media partner.

WordPay is not responsible for non-compliance with the agreement, damage, or loss in case of force majeure, which includes amongst others virus or hacker attacks, breakdowns or errors in communication systems, power outages, force majeure of subcontractors, and other unforeseen circumstances that WordPay could not reasonably foresee or avoid.

Should WordPay become liable for damages notwithstanding the above, WordPay's total liability to a user may never exceed an amount equal to what the user may have paid to WordPay for the use of WordPay's service within the last 12 months prior to the origin of the claim.


WordPay may change these Terms of Use at any time and without notice. The latest version is always available on our website, wordpay.io. You will be notified of changes to the terms via the e-mail address you have provided in your user profile at WordPay, and as a message in the solution. If you do not accept the changed terms, you can no longer use the solution and WordPay is entitled to delete your profile.


These terms were last updated in March 26, 2021, replacing all previously applicable terms. The conditions are valid until new conditions are issued.

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